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New Brand Marketing (NBM) is in the start-up phase of development. The Company has an opportunity to secure the rights and market an innovative product line. NBM is currently negotiating with parties interested in participating in the funding and development of a Branded line of products to be sold in Lawn & Garden departments at the retail level. At this time the Company is seeking to establish a working relationship with experienced individuals and organizations with the resources and expertise to accelerate the growth of this unique opportunity.

NBM intends to gain a Branded foothold in the L&G Market with “Shrakho” implements a Licensed, Patented and Trademarked line of L&G products. Shrakho implements were specifically developed for Retail Sales. This product line will be produced to incorporate: Highly desired space saving inventory and floor displays. Most importantly, with a value added inherent repeat consumer purchasing assurance.

The anchor for Shrakho product lines is a unique compact display of garden implements such as shovels, rakes and hoes with an innovative and proprietary universal handle. Utilizing a single handle for all garden implements allows Retailers to display an innovative line of quality tools. In addition, the Shrakho System will open up valuable Retail floor space in highly profitable L&G departments. This space saving concept will reduce the hanging display area required for handled implements by a minimum of 50%, thus recouping a significant amount of open Retail floor space.
With the purchase of a universal handle and an attachment, consumers can then purchase various other attachments without the additional expense of individual handles. Eliminating the cost of handles from subsequent tool purchases provides Shrakho an overall competitive price edge. Sales of attachments that mate to the universal handle will result in substantial savings for consumers. More significantly, repeat sales of additional attachments for the Retailer.

NBM plans to engage an aggressive Brand Name recognition strategy through the use of attractive displays, signage, POP video’s as well as other aisle enhancement assets in high traffic Retail locations. Additionally, NBM will support Brand development through Industry related advertising and other venues such as Retail Trade shows. NBM will utilize the Shrakho.com website and other digital and broadcast media to drive sales into established vendors. Also NBM will offer Vendor invoice credit allowances for consumer advertising programs.

For further information or inquiries interested parties may contact; tflorence@shrakho.com, klmccrossin@shrakho.com, jgriffiths@shrakho.com or bflorence@shrakho.com.
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